Conversations With My Inner Atheist is by Randall Rauser and is published by 2 Cup Press.

     Conversations With My Inner Atheist is exactly what the title implies.The author takes on a journey through his doubts about the Christian faith by having conversations with his inner atheist.  That inner voice is named Mia, an acronym for my inner atheist, and Mia sets up the initial doubts of each chapter while the author does battle with these doubts. 

     Some of the topics include questions about Christian Academics, The theology of The Trinity and why does God allow evil.  Not every chapter is won by the author.  Sometimes you get the feeling Mia got the upper hand.

     This is not a book for apologists or evangelists.  This book addresses the questions most Christians have but are afraid to ask.  It doesn’t give easy answers, but it gives some answers and that’s better than many churches are doing these days.  Most churches would rather you kept your doubt to yourself.  My feeling is faith can’t exists without doubt.  To quote the original version of Miracle on 34th Street, “Faith is believing when common Sense tells you not to.”

     The book is in a way lighthearted.  Though every topic is taken seriously the dialogue between the author and Mia can be entertaining.  Mia is a sarcastic character and the wit displayed between the author and Mia is engaging.

     If you like me have had questions about your faith as a Christian you may find some of your answers here.  If you don’t it is a learning experience well worth having.

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